Environment Monitoring Solution

Our Environment Monitoring Solution perfectly suits cold storage applications that need to maintain critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, and even CO2 within specified limits to store goods in cold room facilities. It also fits blood bank facilities, medical laboratories, vaccine storage, Telecommunication BTS, ISP POP’s, etc. Typically, we install external sensors inside the cold storage rooms and mount the device outside for easy user access.

Our Environment Monitoring Solution actively monitors temperature, humidity, and CO2 to detect fluctuations. Users can set values within a predetermined range, and exceeding these values triggers an alarm. The system notifies users of alarms through Email and Messenger, along with providing analysis-based reports. Our cold storage temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring equipment minimizes damages and financial losses associated with improper cold chain supply systems.

Example Layout of Cold Storage Connection Diagram

Example Layout of Cold Storage Connection Diagram for Environment Monitoring Solution

Technical Workflow

  • Sensors frequently collect data from the internal storage environment.
  • The controller will provide the necessary data to the Wi-Fi router via wireless connectivity.
  • The router sends data frequently to KRC cloud server using a smooth internet connection
  • The user will do remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2, and electric power/voltage conditions of every cold storage via a web-based panel.
  • Alarm facilities of any incident like power cut, high/low temperature, humidity, CO2 issues via emailing, messenger, etc.
  • The report can be extracted based on Time data sheet (daily, monthly, yearly) & Node/Sensor or Segment.

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Data and Reports

Environment Monitoring Solution Cloud Data and Reports
  • Eventual Alarm.
  • Emergency Alarm if found fluctuation against predefined threshold temperature and humidity.
  • Live monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, and Voltage with Color view.
  • Generate emergency emails if unwanted activities.
  • Voltage up-down and power outage data will provide electricity continuity information per month.
  • Users can get or extract data from anywhere with a browser login.
  • User will make the proper decisions about their storage activities and whether manpower allocation has been OK or not after getting the real-time data.
  • A Monthly Analysis report will help to make decisions about how to increase productivity by removing damage reasons.
  • Use those data to develop a business plan according to giving proper visibility with customer
  • satisfaction.
  • Increase storage space re-usability and Reduce product damage ratio

Furthermore, Our Environment Monitoring Solution is versatile and can be adapted to various industries and applications. It ensures that critical parameters are consistently monitored and maintained. Additionally, by installing external sensors inside cold storage rooms and placing the device outside, users can easily access the system. Consequently, the system actively monitors temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, allowing users to set specific values and receive immediate alerts if these values are exceeded. In addition, the system sends notifications through Email and Messenger, providing users with detailed reports for analysis. Ultimately, our monitoring equipment effectively reduces damages and financial losses caused by inadequate cold chain supply systems

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