Student Attendance Tracking

We have developed a unique solution for tracking student attendance in school. Focusing on parents’ worry about their kids, we made this solution So that every parent can track whether their kids are in school or not. Using our solution, schools also can have a new smart way to communicate with parents & also can send notices with a single click.

Student Attendance Tracker

Good communication between schools and parents is vital for student success. Parents want to know about their child’s education, progress, and changes that could affect learning.

This is where Our services can make a difference.

With instant Tracking alerts about attendance, grades, behavior, and upcoming events, Important notices parents can stay up to date with just a quick glance at their phone.

Every day, at the beginning of the first period, the parents will receive notifications regarding whether their child has arrived at school and if they are present in class.

Every time a change occurs – for instance, if the student is present at one period, but not the next, and vice versa, the parents will receive notification about it. The messages will arrive as soon as the teacher records attendance.

This is a unique approach to facilitate communication and increase transparency among the parents and the school, the parents will always know whether the student has arrived at school on time, whether the attendance is regular, and what periods have been attended.


One of the top advantages of Student Attendance Tracking services is the instant notifications parents receive about their child’s attendance, Real-time information makes it easier for parents to keep up with their child’s academic performance and help them promptly address any problems.

Schools can also remind parents about upcoming events and activities, such as parent-teacher conferences, extracurricular activities, and field trips. These alerts can help parents plan their schedules accordingly and ensure they don’t miss any important school events.

International Practice on Student Attendance Tracking

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